Sidefx Houdini FX v12.5.316.22 – Win32/Win64


Sidefx Houdini FX v12.5.316.22 – Win32/Win64

From Hollywood movies, to high-end commercials to next-gen video games, visual effects plays a vital role in winning the hearts of audiences. This means achieving the high levels of realism when creating fire, smoke and fluid effects which has, in the past, consumed lots of simulation time and computer memory. With Houdini 12, VFX artists will experience game-changing improvements in speed and memory making it easier to achieve blockbuster results.


Install Notes:-
This is xforce medicine for previous release, but modified ByFlipMoneky

1. Unzip and unrar to a temp directory
2. Start installation

Before starting Houdini:

3. Stop HoudiniLicenseServer (from services)
4. Copy sesinted.exe from Crack dir to c:windowssystem32 (overwrite)
5. Start HoudiniLicenseServer (from services)

Launch the License Administrator.
In the Server Information tab you will find your Server Name & Server Code

Launch Houdini Keygen
Enter your Server Name & Server Code
and generate your license keys …

Go back to the License Administrator
Select File/Manually Enter Keys…
Copy paste the keys you generated, 5 by 5 .
Key string #1 should be SERVER your_server_name server_code …..

NB : Install the “other keys to play with” at your own risk, those are mainly
for dev and debug … so Make sure you installed the License keys first


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Download Links:- Houdini FX v12.5.316.22 – Win32 – VC9-XFORCE.rar Houdini FX v12.5.316.22 – Win64 – VC9-XFORCE.rar


Mirror :-




Mirror :-


Mirror :-!!/uEEWgq05eYtN9AV




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  2. thanks. great

    i dont get the new ocean feature. only the clouds tab is shown. do i need seperate serials? in master version it should be visible?

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