SketchList 3D Pro v3.0.1.2149 Win

SketchList 3D Pro v3.0.1.2149 Win

SketchList 3D was designed from the beginning as integrated 3D software for furniture, cabinetmaking, woodworking, and the remodeling tasks that include making built-ins.

SketchList 3D was designed to keep users from requiring large amounts of training like the more traditional CAD (computer aided design) packages do.

SketchList 3D uses terms like left and right, top and bottom, and width / depth / length to let users describe what they want to do. The software steadfastly avoids requiring users to know X, Y, and Z, tangents, layering, extruding — all the other things that make CAD so hard to learn and use. CAD draws with lines. SketchList builds 3D models using boards, doors, and drawers and lets you apply contours, joinery, holtes, shapes…..

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Download Links:- Pro v3.0.1.2149 Win.rar


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Mirror :-!!/y1EzYKIoGr5ezVh




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