The Foundry – NUKEX 7.0v5 Win/Mac – XFORCE

The Foundry – NUKEX 7.0v5 Win/Mac – XFORCE

The Foundry – NUKEX 7.0v4 Win/Mac | 187.43 MB , 281.41 MB

NUKEX are powerful, award-winning compositing tools that deliver unparalleled speed and first-class feature sets unrivalled in the desktop market.
If you’re in the business of creating high-quality film, animation, commercial or broadcast content, The Foundry’s NUKE products, backed by a large, global pool of trained talent, will bring speed, functionality and flexibility to your pipeline.

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Download Links:- Foundry – NUKEX 7.0v5 Win64 – XFORCE.rar Foundry – NUKEX 7.0v5 MacOSX – XFORCE.rar


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14 thoughts on “The Foundry – NUKEX 7.0v5 Win/Mac – XFORCE

  1. This file is damage….

    part 2 – week1-010.mp4 and week02_007.mp4
    part 4 – week03_05.mp4
    part 5 – week05_01.mp4
    part 6 – week05_06.mp4
    part 7 – week07_03.mp4
    part 8 – week08_01_06.mp4

    can you fix it?

    Thank you

  2. hello guys, couls someone please provide a step to step installation for Mac?
    cause i do everything as the instructions say, but when i start NukeX it asks me for activation, i click as the instructions say on “Activate Lisence or Use Server”,
    then i enter: [email protected]_of_rlmserver , and then if i choose RLM server
    and i get this message : The license is already installed. (Error Code -4925)

    If i choose FLEXlm server, the same, and Nuke won’t start, but only in PLE mode, could someone help please?

  3. Hi all,

    I had pain in the ass cracking this version!!
    The instructions are good except for the first line of the xf_foundry.lic file you have to modify.
    It should look like this:
    HOST 00254676c678

    It worked for me (win7 64)


  4. found this elsewhere, solved it for me:

    Indeed the issue is that when the rlm.foundry file is copied on mac it is no longer detected as a “unix executable file” and is instead a “document.” To fix this problem.

    1) open Utilities>Terminal

    2) Type ‘chmod 755′ (followed by a single space after 755)

    3) drag and drop the ‘rlm.foundry’ file into the terminal and hit return. This should revert it back to a unix exec file. afterwards, close and re-open your FLU and re-install your licences and reread/restart the RLM server. should be all good from here.”

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