CG Cookie – Exclusive : Bullet Breaks a Glass

CG Cookie – Exclusive : Bullet Breaks a Glass

375 MB | Project Files: Included | Software used: 3ds Max, Rayfire

In this new series for 3ds max we’ll talk again about Rayfire, and this time we’ll introduce an other problem that can be solved using this powerful tool, glass breaking with a bullet.
What we’ll do

In Part 1 of Bullet breaks a glass, we’ll work on the basic scene setup. We’ll prepare the models, using simple tools as splines and lathe modifier, then we’ll set some preliminary shaders. We’ll see how to break the glass in pieces using Rayfire fragmenter modifier, and how to setup breaking dynamic with the animated bullet. In Part 2 we’ll focus on look development and rendering.

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Download Links:- Cookie – Exclusive – Bullet Breaks a Glass.part1.rar Cookie – Exclusive – Bullet Breaks a Glass.part2.rar


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