cmiVFX – Houdini Hip Tricks Volume 5

cmiVFX – Houdini Hip Tricks Volume 5

966.54 MB | Software used: Houdini

For years, cmiVFX has been the LEADER in compositing training. We were the first to do Shake, Fusion, Flame, Nuke, Toxik, Scratch, Clarisse and so many more. The reason we are always first, is because we cater to a unique market of people. While our training has an extraordinarily long shelf life, the first people to see it are usually at the intermediate or expert level of their craft and need valuable information on migrating or honing in on new software. Today, we change up our policy a bit and bring you the power of compositing that has been around for a very long time, and is extremely powerful. Many people hear a lot of the buzz words out there and go chase out what everyone else is doing. (For the most part, that will get you by temporarily) Here at cmiVFX we take the road less traveled, not to be antagonistic, but to see what everyone else might have missed. It has been 6 years that we have been wanting to do a Houdini compositing video. Some of you old school customers will remember the glow tool for COPs from back in the day. The fact still remains, that Houdini has a lot of tools for compositing and has advanced areas of research that were WAY ahead of its time. Now some of you are going to moan and groan and scoff about this methodology. (Believe it or not, that was our goal) We need the users to speak up and show the world that you would like world class compositing and potentially editing right in Houdini. This has been our secret dream for years. Varomix, kindly made this video for all of you, knowing how much i have been wanting to do it for so long. Now, it is our pleasure to tease you with the possibilities of completing your work in a smaller chain of apps. (It can’t hurt to try a free demo right?) cmiVFX is determined to find a solution that works, and promote it to the world so that you can help make it world class. We here at cmiVFX consider ourselves one of you, and you one of us. Our new website is the beginning of us all merging together while learning, and helping, and giving each other opportunities that don’t come easily for most people. Don’t be fooled by temptation and what “others” are working on. Let us help you focus on you and your career, no matter what you expect from it. Today, I’m proud to announce Houdini training that stands alone, second to none. Welcome to Houdini Hip Tricks Volume 5! The clock is ticking, and your not getting any younger.. do you think that your competition is idling by not learning anything? Rest assured it is up to YOU to push that buy now button and make a difference in this world

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