CG Blog – Dark Living – Full Training

CG Blog – Dark Living – Full Training

265 MB | Project Files: Included | Software used: 3ds Max, V-Ray

Relevant topics covered:

3 lessons designed by a V-Ray Licensed Instructor®
60 mins narrated HD Videos
MAX FILES to download with all V-Ray Settings
MAX FILES to practise / exercises

How to frame in studio;
How to save time during the lighting set up;
Give a form using the light;
Butterfly bank light usage;
Black flags usage;
How to balance in a dark ambient
Uniform surface properties;
Mapping reflections and glossy;
Procedure to control complex mapping;
How to save in a library;
Subdivs in 5SRW;
How to light dark materials;
Light balance and Light reflections;
Quick proxy objects;
How to use render elements;
VRay Reflections;
VRay Raw Reflections;
VRay Wire Color.

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    gfx domain always best always…

    Would you mind uploading these courses???? please

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  2. Can we stop to use extabit b’cause since few days now we cant download with more than 20kb/s instead 3mb.
    I think the might have problem.
    Uploaded is good by the way.

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