Digital-Tutors – Drawing Life Through Line and Form

Digital-Tutors – Drawing Life Through Line and Form

Beginner | 1h 25m | 737 MB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Photoshop CS6

By gaining a better understanding of how we can translate lines to forms, you’ll be able to breath added-life into your own drawings and sketches.

We’ll begin this process by examining what defines a line, shape, and form. From there we’ll explore how we can use contour lines and cross contour lines to add more dimension to a flat object. Following this, we’ll learn about line weights and how we can apply them to add volume. Along the way we’ll also explore how we can capture action and movement by drawing continual gesture lines.

In addition we’ll focus on rendering a human skull where we’ll learn how to add value with hatching and cross hatching lines. Finally we’ll finish with learning how to establish an implied line to differentiate form and space.

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