Digital-Tutors – Forming Epic Terrains in UDK


Digital-Tutors – Forming Epic Terrains in UDK

Intermediate | 1h 32m  | 1.08 GB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Unreal Development Kit

In this UDK tutorial, we are going to learn how to build an open world landscape in UDK. We’ll start out by learning how to create a new landscape and then we’ll explore the major tools used to modify our landscape.

We’ll talk about how to block in the major forms of our landscape and how to duplicate existing formations to create new formations. After that, we’ll finish building our landscape by learning about the erosion tools and how alphas can be helpful.

Then we’ll begin wrapping up the course by learning how to utilize layers to help us apply materials to our landscape. The we’ll finish the training by talking about how to manually paint materials.

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Download Links:- – Forming Epic Terrains in UDK.part1.rar – Forming Epic Terrains in UDK.part2.rar – Forming Epic Terrains in UDK.part3.rar


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