Digital-Tutors – Utilizing Viewport 2.0 in Maya

Digital-Tutors – Utilizing Viewport 2.0 in Maya

Beginner | 0h 36m | 426 MB | Project Files 11 MB | Software used: Maya 2013

In this series of Maya tutorials, we will take in introductory look at the Viewport 2.0 tool set available in Maya.
With Viewport 2.0, we can view high-quality lighting and shadows, real-time ambient occlusion, motion blur and other effects directly within the Maya viewport.
We will begin by discussing some of the benefits and limitations of Viewport 2.0. From there, we will light a scene using the Viewport 2.0 features, learn how to improve playback performance within the viewport, batch render animated sequences, and other topics that will be essential to understand as you begin using Viewport 2.0.

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