Peter Guthrie HDRi – Pack 005


Peter Guthrie HDRi – Pack 005

Peter Guthrie HDRi – Pack 005 | 1.52 GB


-The original horizon has been removed from the HDR files, and the photos used to make the HDRi re-processed for a smoother, noise free image.

-Radiance (.hdr) and OpenEXR (.exr) file sizes have been optimized to improve loading times.

-16 bit RAW versions of the backplate photos now included to allow greater freedom in post processing.

HDRi – Pack 005

A collection of 9 of my HDRi skydomes.

Each skydome is supplied as a .hdr file and as a .exr file.

For more info on each skydome included in this pack, please follow the links below:

1433 Sun Blue Sky
1808 Blue Sky White Clouds
1608 Cloudy Sunset
0911 Dawn
0917 Dawn
0839 Cloudy Dawn
0907 Dawn Sun
1236 Clear Winter Sky
1554 Clear Sky Low Sun

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Download Links:- Guthrie HDRi – Pack 005.part1.rar Guthrie HDRi – Pack 005.part2.rar Guthrie HDRi – Pack 005.part3.rar Guthrie HDRi – Pack 005.part4.rar


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    1. hi there…
      i have a problem…..
      if i map this hdr map into my 3ds Max 21014, there is only black & white is visible…???
      what is the problem?????
      plz help me………..

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