Wrapit v1.54 For 3ds Max

Wrapit v1.54 For 3ds Max

Due to the added resposibilites of fatherhood Wrapit development has been all but at a stand still. I’ve made a concerted effort to package up the latest bug fixes and new features into a new distributable, sorry it’s long overdue.

• Addition of Morphit beta, a new tool to facilitate conforming existing topology to new meshes. More infomation can be found here

• Better support for 3ds Max 2012 and problems caused by Nitrous Viewports. In particular the show edges button now works in nitrous, and the strange lag when AutoWrap was active is fixed. The cross fader may still be problematic, this is to do with the way Nitrous handles transpanrency.

• General Bug Fixes and performance enhancements.

Home Page: _http://matt-clark.co.uk/wrapit/


Thanks to “n0MAD”



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http://extabit.com/file/279ovt9m855oy/Wrapit v1.54 For 3ds Max.rar


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Mirror :-



Mirror :-





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