Digital-Tutors – Animating with Props in MotionBuilder


Digital-Tutors – Animating with Props in MotionBuilder

Intermediate | 1h 9m | 725 MB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Autodesk MotionBuilder 2013

In this set of MotionBuilder tutorials we will learn how to animate props inside of MotionBuilder.

We’ll start by learning how to work with MotionBuilder’s animation layering system to alter the character’s performance in order for it naturally interact with our prop.

We’ll then learn how to seamlessly attach the prop to the character, and then how to make the prop a rigid body so that it can fall naturally as the character let’s go of the object. We’ll also learn how to bake and export the entire animation from MotionBuilder for use in other software.

By the end of this set of lessons, you’ll be equipped with the skill-set needed to confidently animate character interactions with props in MotionBuilder.

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