Kelby Training – Photoshop for Printing

Kelby Training – Photoshop for Printing

3h 50m | 750.08 MB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Photoshop

Tools and techniques for creating dependable, high quality, print images.


Print Image Fundamentals
Adjusting Image Resolution and Dimension
Layers and File Management
Setting Type in Photoshop
Sharpening for Prepress, Part 1
Sharpening for Prepress, Part 2
Sharpening, Part 3
Simplifying Images
File Formats for Printing
Grayscale Images
Sharpening Grayscale Images
Saving with Dot Gain Adjustments
Target-Based Corrections
Color to Grayscale
The Four Cs of Working with Color
Color Correction
Target-Based Color Correction
Configuring Color Settings, Part 1
Configuring Color Settings, Part 2
Proofing Your Images
RBG to CMYK Conversion
Printing with Profiles
Building and Assigning Colors
Assigning and Separating Spot Colors
Creating Dynamic Duotones
File Formats Finale
Automating Your Photoshop Chores

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