NextLimit RealFlow 2013 – Win64


NextLimit RealFlow 2013 – Win64

RealFlow Intuitive Fluids

Industry-standard, out-of-the-box fluid simulation software.
Fast and easy to use
Compatible with ALL major 3D platforms
The definitive fluid simulation software for over 15 years
Award winning (including the Technical Achievement Award granted by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences)



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Thanks to eP0x and roocoon


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Download Links:- RealFlow 2013 – Win64.rar


Mirror :-



Mirror :-




13 thoughts on “NextLimit RealFlow 2013 – Win64

  1. i have copied both files to the main folder of realflow as the help file said, but when i run realflow it gives me an invalid license error!!!

    what should i do ?

    please help

  2. yes, it works!!
    step1: edit standard_license.txt file (from RF_2012_GUI to RF_2013_GUI) as what VIPGFX mentioned 🙂
    step2: run realflow, then ask for a valid license (click ok)
    step3: a new window will then appear, click new license then locate the standard_license.txt file, click ok
    step3: after you have chosent the license file it will go back to previous window. simply press enter and it will automatically load 🙂 cheers and have a good day mate

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