SolidAngle Maya To Arnold (MtoA) v0.24 For Maya 2012 – 2014 – Win64


SolidAngle Maya To Arnold (MtoA) v0.24 For Maya 2012 – 2014 – Win64

ArnoldRender is the famous photorealistic rendering system “Unbiased Monte Carlo Radiosity,” currently used by Sony, Glassworks, Sega, Framestore, Digital Domain, The Mill, Psyop, Ubisoft, Zinkia, Kandor, 737 shaker among others, for advertising, animation series and movies like Monster´s House, Beowulf, Alice in Wonderland, 2012 o Lluvia de albóndigas and more.

Highlighted New Features

* Support for creating and destroying mesh nodes during an IPR session.
* Frontend to handle the creation of Tx textures.
* Extended the Holdout Matte support to all the builtin shaders.
* Optimized polymesh storage and faster ray accel.
* Added a physically-based sky shader.
* Marble shader implemented.


* We are not supporting Maya 2011 anymore.
* The Shave and a Haircut extension is compiled against version 7.0v32.
* The new IPR code to handle destruction and modification of Maya mesh nodes is experimental.

Incompatible Changes

* The look of the maya fluid can change due to the change in ramp evaluation which didn’t take into account the density created by the texture.
* The snow shader has changed in look due to a bug. Now it matches Maya software.

Plugin Support:-

– Maya 2012, Windows 64 bit
– Maya 2013, Windows 64 bit
– Maya 2014, Windows 64 bit

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Download Links:- Maya To Arnold (MtoA) v0.24 For Maya 2012 - 2014 - Win64.rar


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