Text Edge FX v1.4: Bevel Kit for Cinema 4D


Text Edge FX v1.4: Bevel Kit for Cinema 4D

Version 1.4 Update Features:

• Inner Bevels with Spline Editor Controls to interactively control your inner bevel shape (Requires Cinema 4D R13 & above)
• 15 Inner Bevel presets
• Streamlined Spline FX and Text Edge FX into one plug-in, you can now toggle between adding bevels onto your MoType object, or with a click of a button be able to apply a bevel to a custom spline, or a logo, that you make. All you have to do is drag and drop your spline into the Custom Spline FX field. When you want to add bevels to MoType, just check the box next to MoText FX options
• Improved speed
• Enhanced workflow
• Bug fixes
• R14 support

Other features include:

• 10 TEFX preset style scene files
• Gorgeous looking text or logos, super fast!
• Infinite bevel options
• Full control of bevel & text subdivisions & phong angle
• Editable capping & fillet edges
• Over 10 custom bevel splines included
• Ability to use your own custom bevels
• Simple & intuitive interface & controls
• Free point release updates

Home Page: _http://eyedesyn.com/tag/text-edge-fx/



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http://extabit.com/file/279p838ezg5zd/Text Edge FX v1.4 Bevel Kit for Cinema 4D.rar


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