The Foundry – NUKEX 7.0v8 Win/Mac/Linux – XFORCE


The Foundry – NUKEX 7.0v8 Win/Mac/Linux – XFORCE

NUKE are powerful, award-winning compositing tools that deliver unparalleled speed and first-class feature sets unrivalled in the desktop market.
If you’re in the business of creating high-quality film, animation, commercial or broadcast content, The Foundry’s NUKE products, backed by a large, global pool of trained talent, will bring speed, functionality and flexibility to your pipeline.

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Download Links:- Foundry – NUKEX 7.0v8 Win – XFORCE.rar Foundry – NUKEX 7.0v8 MacOSX – XFORCE.rar Foundry – NUKEX 7.0v8 Linux – XFORCE.rar


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Mirror :-

Mirror :-!!/WWMyM09LFvxxIUA




9 thoughts on “The Foundry – NUKEX 7.0v8 Win/Mac/Linux – XFORCE

  1. Hi all,

    I had pain in the ass cracking this version!!
    The instructions are good except for the first line of the xf_foundry.lic file you have to modify.
    It should look like this:
    HOST 00254676c678

    It worked for me (win7 64)

  2. I need som help here……every time i try to install FLT 7.0v2 im getting an error….i dont know what to do….it doesnt let me install it, then when i run diagnostics on the corrupt LTU it says this:

    ========== Foundry License Diagnostics (Version 7.0v2) ==========

    Created by : by ricardo : Sun Jun 30 17:52:18 2013

    Operating system : Mac OSX [10.8] [i386]
    User has admin privileges : YES
    System ID : R406c8f265103:X7cc3a1aeabba
    Host Name : imac-de-ricardo-2.local
    Host IP :
    Ethernet Address(s) : 7cc3a1aeabba
    Is RLM Server Installed : NO
    Is FLEXlm Server Installed : NO

    ========== RLM Environment Variable Settings ========================

    RLM_LICENSE : Not Set
    foundry_LICENSE : Not Set
    foundry_LICENSE_LOG : Not Set
    foundry_SERVER_LOG : Not Set
    foundry_HEARTBEAT_DISABLE : Not Set

    ================== RLM License File(s) Found =======================

    Searching in : /Library/Application Support/TheFoundry/RLM/

    No License File(s) Found In :
    /Library/Application Support/TheFoundry/RLM/

    =============== No License Option File(s) Found ===================

    =========== FLEXlm Cache ========================
    No .flexlmrc file found at : /Users/Ricardo/.flexlmrc

    ========== FLEXlm Environment Variable Settings ========================


    ================== FLEXlm License File(s) Found =======================

    Searching in : /Library/Application Support/TheFoundry/FLEXlm//
    Searching in : /usr/local/foundry/FLEXlm/ ….directory not found, moving on.

    No License File(s) Found In :
    /Library/Application Support/TheFoundry/FLEXlm//

    =============== No License Option File(s) Found ===================

    ================ End Foundry License Diagnostics ====================

  3. Can you please re-uploaded the Extabit windows link/ its is not working…
    “ Foundry – NUKEX 7.0v8 Win – XFORCE.rar”

  4. Hi, Could some one make video tutorial or in-depth install instructions please. I’m still not successful installing… Please.

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