Funhouse Interactive – Tradigitools v1.3a For Maya 2013 – 2014 – Win64


Funhouse Interactive – Tradigitools v1.3a For Maya 2013 – 2014 – Win64

The thrill of working in the uncharted territories of 3D animation has brought many new digital artists into animation. Animation has benefited immensely from this new blood, challenging the limits of what animation could be. While new ideas seem to propel the industry forward, much of the traditional workflow has been thrown by the wayside. The tradigiTOOLS plugin for Maya has been created to aid the modern animator in utilizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the traditional workflow without sacrificing the creative and groundbreaking spirit that the new digital tools have brought to the table.

In the traditional process, when key poses aren’t connecting motion correctly the animator would just add another drawing between the keys to further break down the action. Anyone who has animated in a 3D program knows it’s not that easy. That is, until tradigiTOOLS. Stop wrestling in the graph editor, or trying to make sense of the barcode your timeline has become. Grab tradigiTOOLS, lay out some strong keyframes, add more poses, and watch the motion come alive. Push and pull timing changes without a glimpse of the graph editor. Always know where you are on the timeline and modify it with a couple of clicks. Preview render everything with markings to make finding problem areas a snap.

Plugin Support:-

Maya 2014 64 bit
Maya 2013.5 64 bit
Maya 2013 64 bit

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  1. Just a riminder, if you are using this tool with autokey, probably it won´t work, so, key manualy (using s key) then it works.

    Thanks Gfxdomain


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