Unity 4.x Cookbook


Unity 4.x Cookbook

386 pages | PDF + Source Files | ISBN : 1849690421 | 152 MB

A wide range of topics are covered, ranging in complexity, offering something for every Unity 4 game developer
Every recipe provides step-by-step instructions, followed by an explanation of how it all works, and alternative approaches or refinements
Book developed with the latest version of Unity (4.x)

Home Page: _http://www.packtpub.com/unity-4-x-cookbook/book



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12 thoughts on “Unity 4.x Cookbook

  1. Don’t even bother downloading, the virus doesn’t even contain the PDF file. It’s just the virus..

  2. wow..you managed to reupload the file on 3 websites less than a minute after the comment !

    Dude, we understand you need to add viruses to the content, that’s how you make money..but add the damn content as well..

  3. great ! pack it as a .rar archive then..no need for .exe files here..

    The exe was already executed and it just installed the stupid adware. There was no PDF inside. That is just a Photoshopped image.

    Allow me to give you an advice..don’t start doing this kind of shit, at least provide the files or you will loose your users…

    1. Hey stop misguiding people. This file is perfect. Don’t know dude whats your problem and why you couldn’t find out the PDF inside it (may be you are just a noob who don’t even know how to extract RAR)

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