Basic3dtraining – 3D Pin-Up Master


Basic3dtraining – 3D Pin-Up Master

2.76 GB | Software used: DAZ Studio

Breakdown of the 3D Pin-Up Master Training Program:

Module 1: The Pose

This module will explain why the pose is so critical and I’ll share all my tricks to beautiful nude female poses, as well as camera angles. You will also learn what you need to know about the 3D software, how to add high heels and hair as well as a set / scene or background, which is a critical aspect of your pose.

01.00 – Module 1 Overview
01.01 – Classical pin-up icons as inspiration
01.02 – DAZ Studio software application
01.03 – Adding a background / set and how to make it match your model
01.04 – Adding a female model with hair and high heels
01.05 – The secrets of sexy female posing
01.06 – The secrets to capturing the beauty: The camera

Module 2: The Lights

Lighting will either break or make your nude renders. This chapter will focus on specific tricks to 3D nude female rendering.

02.00 – Module 2 Overview
02.01 – Specific light concepts for 3D pin-up images
02.02 – Light examples
02.03 – Rendering using DAZ Studio native render engine
02.04 – Rendering using DAZ Studio Reality / Lux Render
02.05 – Rendering in Lightwave

Module 3: The Aftermath

Focusing on specific postwork techniques, to make your nude renders POP and stand out from the crowd.

03.00 – Module 3 Overview
03.01 – What postwork can do for your nude renders
03.02 – Enhancing
03.03 – Error fixing
03.04 – Hiding / revealing

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