cmiVFX – Houdini Mograph


cmiVFX – Houdini Mograph

Most of the time Houdini is spoken of, in terms of its usage, is in creating massive visual effects shots which require Particles and Dynamics.

The purpose of this video was to show Houdini being used for creating something relatively different. Motion Graphics is a huge field and Houdini, because of it’s procedural nature is a great tool to create various types of elements that can be used for motion graphics.

The inspiration for this video came from films like “Iron Man” and “Tron Legacy” especially the various UIs that can be seen in those films. The video, through a singular animation, will demonstrate how you can create the elements required to create such a User Interface. Also, the video will show how these elements can be animated using very few parameters so the user has the maximum amount of control over the animation without having to animate a massive number of parameters.

Instructor Rohan Dahlvi, will also briefly cover how these elements can be rendered and composited.

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Download Links:- – Houdini Mograph.part1.rar – Houdini Mograph.part2.rar – Houdini Mograph.part3.rar – Houdini Mograph.part4.rar – Houdini Mograph.part5.rar – Houdini Mograph.part6.rar – Houdini Mograph.part7.rar


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