Navié Plants & Effex v2.0 For CINEMA 4D R14 – Win/Mac


Navié Plants & Effex v2.0 For CINEMA 4D R14 – Win/Mac

The new Effex is a modular, object-oriented framework inside of Cinema 4D that offers a variety of effects to be modelled, animated, simulated and rendered. Each object acts on its own and offers a certain functionality to extent the framework or existing functionality.
Its repertoire covers a wide range of features (but is not limited to these) from volumetric modeling to fluid simulation.

Plants is a procedural modeling and animation plugin to generate organic structures especially suited for trees and plants.

It contains tools, objects and shaders that allow users to create arbitrary types of plants and trees with high flexibility. The algorithms used are based on L-system like behaviors but are not limited to rule-based generation but rather enable the user to apply rules on a procedural basis.

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Download Links:- Plants & Effex v2.0 For CINEMA 4D R14 – Win.rar Plants & Effex v2.0 For CINEMA 4D R14 – Mac.rar


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13 thoughts on “Navié Plants & Effex v2.0 For CINEMA 4D R14 – Win/Mac

  1. could better explain how to install this plugin
    Video explanation pls

  2. 1. You need to download this “Plants 1.0 & Effex 2.00.02 Demo (Bundled) including KrakatoaSR Bridge (KSR)” here
    2. Download this File from here (GFXDomain)
    3. Follow Install Procedure inside the First Downloaded File (called – installation_instructions.txt)
    4. Follow Install Procedure inside the second File downloaded (called – install.txt)
    5. exchange the Demo files from DL1 with Cracked Files from DL2 – should work, needs testing (dont installed it yet)

  3. ok I’ll explain how to install the plugin 1 download file here after I downloaded the demo version of the page install as explained in the demo version and what I did was copy the files pfx.cdl64, pfx_krakatoa.cdl64 to open your folder preferences cinema4d sees plugin folder copy and paste and replaces the page you downloaded the demo, also in the folder maxon copy all dll that come in the demo and the KrakatoaSR.dll also and already installed

  4. Thank you all very much. All set. Everything works fine. Tell me how to use KrakatoaSR Bridge (KSR). Thank you 🙂

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