3D-IO Bones PRO v4.61 For 3ds Max 2014 Win32/Win64 – XFORCE


3D-IO Bones PRO v4.61 For 3ds Max 2014 Win32/Win64 – XFORCE

BonesPro allows you to set up character skinning with a minimal amount of clicks. Instead of carefully adjusting the size of every bone you can just assign them to the mesh and receive a base set up that is already very precise and minimizes the amount of additional adjustments that are needed.

Home Page: _http://www.bonespro.com/easy-and-fast/


1. Install 3D Bones Pro.
2. Stop 3d-io license service
3. Replace Activelock3_5Net_3dio.dll (in “3d-io pluginslicensing_v2”) by the cracked one.
4. Replace the main plug-in dlm file (in 3ds max “plugins” folder) by the cracked one.
5. DON’T Import anti_strong_names.reg into the registry (double click on it).
6. Start 3d-io license service.
7. Launch LicenseManagerV2.exe and paste license key stored in bones_license.txt file, then click on “Register”.
8. Enjoy it!

if you had a previous version of Bones Pro installed, you will need to delete all the keys changed by anti_strong_names.reg in the registry.
To do this, run the command “regedit”, hit Ctrl+F and search for “3dio”. Delete any key that you find. Oddly enough, even empty keys will still cause problem, so make sure to delete them all.
If you can’t delete it, u need to renames the “ActiveLock3_5Net_3dio” folder’s name to wat u want ( type anything , for me i typed “A”), instead of delete it .

right click the KEY under the “ActiveLock3_5Net_3dio” folder. Modify the key ” value data ” to anything ( for me i typed “1111111 ” )

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Download 3D-IO Bones PRO v4.61 For 3ds Max 2014 Win – XFORCE.rar from FileFactory.com








10 thoughts on “3D-IO Bones PRO v4.61 For 3ds Max 2014 Win32/Win64 – XFORCE

  1. Hey guys, IS this working for anyone. Cant seem to start the license server. in admin or not its not working. and could we make the youtube link not private plz

  2. i could not delete the the registry file by the way “how to crack” said
    is it because the reg file that these rollouts doesn’t work ?? i used to work with bones pro 4.21 on max 2011

  3. To make it work you have to follow these steps:
    1. Restart your computer
    2. Open the task manager and go to services tab. Find 3d-io license server 2.0, right click and then click on stop service
    3. Follow the steps above

  4. It really works, if it comes to the missing bones rollout the only problem are the registry keys, you have to delete them all as it is written in the instruction.

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