3DCreative Issue 95 – July 2013


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This month, 3DCreative showcases a stunning display of character-based digital art piece from some of the world’s best CG artists.

From those first steps in modeling (Patrick Evrard’s Introduction to Character Creation ¬in Maya), to rendering and finishing (Caio César’s ZBrush Aliens) through to animation (Camilo Duarte Franco’s Character Animation: Pushing Weight); this issue of 3DCreative is sure to cater to your character creation needs regardless of what tools you’re using, or what stage your skills are at.

Our first tutorial here, from Dmitry Shareyko, outlines the best techniques to create the torso and hands of Denis Zilber’s Loan Shark character. Aimed at beginners, Dmitry runs through the process of modelling and setting parameters in the 3ds Max interface.

Patrick Evrard takes it up a notch in part two of his series on creating a witch character in Maya. He gives us a sneak peek at his design process, along with some really awesome sketches of his interpretation of the character of a witch. We see the first few steps of the character drafted out, along with some useful pointers on settings and customs scripts – perfect if you’re looking to develop your own skills, take control and really dig deep into the technical structure in Maya.

Hang on for next month, when we get to see some interactive 3D versions of his charming witch character.

After that, Camilo Duarte Franco gives us an idea of the theory behind making a character realistically push a weighted box; and Caio César gives us a rundown of the entire process of creating an alien figure in ZBrush, and divulges a few useful tips along the way.

To top it all off, the first in a six-part series by Andrew Hickinbottom shows us how to sculpt and style the latest personality in his fantastic female portfolio: Cara. In this first chapter, Andrew introduces his muse and begins the fascinating task of modeling the head and arranging the facial features.

Finally our glorious gallery, full of characters created from around the globe, should serve to inspire you and encourage you to use the skills imparted here, and create your own cracking characters!

Here at 3DTotal, we’re looking forward to seeing your creations in the gallery soon!

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