Cycorefx CFX Path Tools v1.2 & Sphere v1.2 For Adobe After Effects – Win64


Path Tools is fully compatible with Adobe After Effects CC.

Path Tools is a package containing two powerful plug-ins, Rakka and Wiggle Stroke. The basic requirement for both plug-ins is a mask path. Rakka also needs a layer to “rack-up”, or repeat, along the selected mask path. From there, the combinations are almost endless to create cool and original looking animations, backgrounds or effects. You can create stunning animations with minimal effort ? animations that were once only possible with particle generators. Using Wiggle Stroke you can do anything from “wiggling” frames to completely crazy looking thread/wire animations, all from a single mask path. Path Tools supports 32 bpc color (float) and will become an indispensable addition to your toolbox. Check out the movies to the left.

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