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Make UV mapping much faster and easier for yourself with this new tool and training video. cmiVFX has just released “Houdini Procedural UV Mapping” with Twan de Graaf. In computer graphics, you are likely to use textures to define the shape and color of an object. However, most of the time this will require a transformation from 2D to 3D when you want to apply a 2D texture to a 3D model. UV mapping, as this is called, can be a tedious process, so this series will look at ways to make this process easier in Houdini, specifically by using a plug-in or digital asset created by the author of this video. This digital asset has the capability to automatically create UV maps according to parameters set by the user and it will help with the texturing process itself as well. NOTICE TO VIEWERS: A first party plug-in and some third party models are required to follow along with this lesson. The plug-in can be downloaded as a trial and will work with the free apprentice version of Houdini and the example models can be downloaded for free.

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