Digital-Tutors – Multi-part Greenscreen Keying in After Effects


Intermediate | 1h 1m | 200 MB | Project Files: Included | Software used: After Effects CS5 and up

In this After Effects tutorial we will learn how to key a greenscreen using multiple layers to capture as much detail as possible. Using multiple layers and keyers, we will be able to focus our efforts and create a better final matte. We will begin the tutorial by importing our footage into After Effects and analyzing the job ahead of us. Then we will create garbage masks to break apart our person into manageable pieces. We will then add Keylight effects to our layers to create an initial key. After that, we will analyze the best way to remove noise on each layer. Then we will fill in our alpha by creating a core matte. Finally we will focus on the hair and all the detailed roto and keying work involved. We will complete the project by doing some heavy-duty rotoscoping work on the bottle.

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