How to Cheat in After Effects


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“How to Cheat in After Effects is an easy-to-follow book that lets you in on all of the little secrets to create those commonly needed effects with ease and speed. With clear pictures illustrating the step-by-step procedures, this is the perfect tool for the arsenal of any After Effects user, from novice to advanced.”
– Michele Yamazaki, Vice President Marketing and Web Development Czarina,
Compose eye-popping After Effects projects quickly and creatively with dozens of concise, step-by-step tutorials accompanied by vivid 4-color illustration. Covering features new to CS5 such as Freeform AE, Refine Matte, Roto Brush, and more, this book clearly explains how to perform advanced, typically time-consuming tasks in simplified, quick steps.

* Create an entire 3D planet scene from scratch
* Create true 3D text
* Make smoke, snow, rain, chocolate, molten gold, and more from scratch with particles
* Create animated growing vines
* Fake a tilt shift effect, and so much more

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