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Maxwell Render™ is a recognized standard in architectural visualization, product design, interior design, film/animation production, engineering and other markets that require the best render quality. The technology behind Maxwell Render™ enables users to create materials, set lights and cameras, and render 3D scenes, all in a stunningly realistic and intuitive way, resulting in images that are indistinguishable from photographs. If you want to read the story behind Maxwell Render™,

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Thanks to “JGS”



Download Links:- Maxwell Render 3 Win64.rar Maxwell Render 3 Plugin Pack WIN64.rar


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Mirror :-

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NextLimit Maxwell Render 3 Win64.rar
NextLimit Maxwell Render 3 Plugin Pack WIN64.rar









16 thoughts on “NextLimit Maxwell Render 3 Win64

  1. You can download the plugins on webpage of maxwell.

    (Home > Try > Maxwell Render Suite Demo version)

    Me too,
    There was a license error in my environment in modo701.

  2. But the plugins that you can download
    from the maxwell website
    (Home > Try > Maxwell Render Suite Demo version)
    cause a licence error.

    Guess this means you only can use them with the demo version.

    Anyone a solution?

  3. When i install the plugin for maya 2012 on windows 7 pro, i have this error :

    // Error: Cannot find procedure “maxwellRegister”. //
    // Warning: waitCursor stack empty //

    Thanks anayway for this great release

    1. Ok, i found it !

      Just dowload and install from Maxwell Render website (demo version) and then replace the file from the plugin file from JGS.

  4. i cant crack it… if i click crack it says stop license manager…
    but i dont run any license manager.. and i followed all the instructions… but it wont work……?????? what can i do???? plz help me

  5. sorry….
    hm what is license screen????? i dont get it…
    i copied all the files and copied my license also..
    but it always says unregistered version….??
    what can i do????
    plz help me guys…..
    thanks in advance……….

    1. License screen is when the program (studio or render) prompt a window with a message about the license.
      Did you follow carefully the readme file ? You have to do exactly as JGS says…

  6. Is there any plugin for Cinema 4D R13 yet?

    The one from the Maxwell website works, but MXS export and rendering is disabled because a license is missing.

    Thank you very much in advance!

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