71 thoughts on “Happy New YEAR !

  1. You guys have changed lives and expanded the creative spectrum, There is no telling how many images videos and movies you have helped make! Thank You!!! Much continued success in 2014,,,,,,

  2. 愿你们在新的一年越办越好!谢谢你们的无私,使得我们有无尽的收获。非常感谢你们!

  3. سال نو مبارک. بهترین آروزها رو برای شما دارم. امیدوارم سال خوبی داشته باشید

  4. Happy New Year!!! …yea! SubDfusion for 2014!! yea!!
    new hardsurface retopo tools for 3dcoat yea yea!!
    …i know christmas is over but a new years wish is good too.

  5. Happy New Years you mother beaches!
    I just wanna thank you guys for providing us with these awesome downloads! GFXDomain for another great year! 😀

  6. ….I agree with what “Graficz” said…..you guys have made creation possible for a lot of us who could never have afforded much of this over-priced stuff…..thanks so very much for helping us all!

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