Anzovin Onion Skinner v1.0.3 For Maya 2011 – 2014



Anzovin Onion Skinner is a plug-in for Maya that displays previous and subsequent frames of your animation “ghosted” over the current frame.

In traditional animation, you can draw a pose on tracing paper laid over other poses, which creates a visual preview of the motion. While this kind of functionality has been carried over into 2D animation tools like Flash, it’s been notably absent from most CG animation workflows. CG animation makes you create poses “blind,” without any way to see the rest of your animation.

Anzovin Onion Skinner brings the power of true onion skinning to Maya — perfect for any animator using a pose-to-pose workflow.

Anzovin Onion Skinner works with Maya 2011 and newer versions on Windows, Mac, and Linux machines.

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Mirror :-

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Mirror :-

Anzovin Onion Skinner v1.0.3 For Maya 2011 – 2014.rar









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