Atomkraft 1.30 For Nuke 7 Win64


AtomKraft is the interactive 3D toolkit for digital matte painting & compositing. Create high-quality set extensions with camera mappings featuring reflections & shadows. Generate 3D environments with displacements, minimize the need of `going back to 3D` by loading assets such as: Alembic Procedurals, Houdini GEO, Cortex Procedurals, RenderMan RIB, RenderMan RSL Shaders, Wavefront OBJs. Develop your looks with realistic materials. Setup environment lighting & global illumination. Render boosting your speed and image quality to new levels with unmatched 3D motion blur and depth of field.
With AtomKraft you can do all this while staying comfortably within Nuke/NukeX.

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