Solidrocks 1.51 for 3ds Max 2009-2014 WIN


For ultimate ease of use, SoliRocks comes with modular GUI and useful tools and settings to stay concentrated on creation instead of lossing time on technical settings. The GUI can be collapsed at any moment into a mini/essential GUI.

Plugin Support:-

– 3ds Max 2009, Win
– 3ds Max 2010, Win
– 3ds Max 2011, Win
– 3ds Max 2012, Win
– 3ds Max 2013, Win
– 3ds Max 2014, Win

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Download Links:-

Mirror :-



Mirror :-

Download Solidrocks 1.51 for 3ds Max 2009-2014 WIN.rar from


Mirror :-

Solidrocks 1.51 for 3ds Max 2009-2014 WIN.rar









10 thoughts on “Solidrocks 1.51 for 3ds Max 2009-2014 WIN

  1. Works just fine in Max 2014. install as normal. Then open max and set up the icon in your top control bar, by customising you tool bar. Then when done run the SoildRocksV151_Keygen though max script. a small window will appear where you can generate a serial number. Hope this helps.

    Ps. You have to run 3DSmax in admin mode for it to work.

  2. I have V1.2.4 and Vray 2.4 ,max 2014, win 8.1 installed on another machine and it works well, but on second machine as mentioned above max 2014 with Vray 3.1 works well but if I install solidrock ,it wont work.Maybe is Vray problem?

  3. all links are down and even the torrent only reaches 30% and stops. Have tried all kinds of download variation with the torrent, no way to get something useful. Is it possible to get a fresh upload / torrent? Very appreciated, thank you!

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