Digital-Tutors – Introduction to Particle Systems in Unity


Intermediate | 1h 15m | 822 MB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Unity 4.3

In this series of tutorials we will learn the basics of the Shuriken Particle Editor in Unity. We’ll get started by learning about the interface of the the Shuriken Particle editor.

Once we understand the interface, we’ll jump right into creating our first particle system. We’ll learn how to create a simple fire and become more acquainted with the numerous modules that modify the behavior of a particle system. Because there are so many different modules and lots of parameters in each module, we’ll continue creating different particle effects.

Once we’ve finished up the basic fire effect, we’ll move into a more advance explosion effect. We’ll break down the explosion effect into different parts. The initial glow, the fireball and the debris. As we build each part, we’ll learn about more of the modules and how they can help us achieve the effect that we desire. Once you have completed this training, you should feel more comfortable in create different particle systems using the Shuriken Particle editor within Unity.

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