Digital-Tutors – Explaining Complex Topics with Motion Graphics in After Effects


Intermediate | 5h 57m | 1.58 GB | Project Files: Included | Software used: After Effects CC, Illustrator 17.0.0

In this series of tutorials, we will go through the steps from start to finish for creating a video that explains a hard to understand topic.

Often times people turn to motion graphics to explain difficult topics and it can be a challenge for motion designers to know how to get started and how to create videos like this. We will go through the process of analyzing the script to choose what assets to create and how they should work. We then bring those assets into After Effects and approach creating the video step by step, ensuring that we explain the topic as easily as possible using a contrast of motion and pauses.

We also learn how to speed up your workflow by creating animation presets and some keyboard shortcuts that make working in After Effects much quicker. We learn lots of tricks for smoothing your animations out and we find some unconventional uses for effects that you may have used before, but never like this.

This training is for you if you want to make beautiful motion graphics pieces that require a lot of design consideration for the flow of an explanation.

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Digital-Tutors – Explaining CT with Motion Graphics in AE.part4.rar
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