Digital-Tutors – Keying Greenscreens in NUKE


Intermediate | 1h 6m | 295.85 MB | Project Files: Included | Software used: NUKE 6.1 and up

In this series of NUKE tutorials we’ll learn how to key green or bluescreen footage in NUKE. Using greenscreens is a common practice in today’s VFX workflow, so understanding how to get a good alpha from greenscreen footage is very important. We’ll begin the tutorials by learning what a chroma key is and what we need to look out for while we shoot the greenscreen footage. From there, we begin keying a sample shot using the Keylight keyer included in NUKE 6. We’ll then learn how to refine our matte and edge using the various built-in modifiers. Then we’ll combine multiple Keyers to get the best possible result. Finally, we will composite our keyed footage over a background and learn about spill suppression and some compositing tricks to integrate our pieces of footage. We’ll end the tutorials by learning a method of treating compressed or chroma sub-sampled footage to pull better keys.

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