Digital-Tutors – Maya for CINEMA 4D Artists


Intermediate | 1h 27m | 576 MB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Maya 2014

CINEMA 4D and Maya are powerful all-around 3D content creation applications that each have their own strengths. Sometimes an artist who has primarily worked in one application, CINEMA 4D for instance, finds that they need to be able to work in another program. These artists know what they need to accomplish and how to finish their projects, but they just need to know the capabilities of the new application and where they can quickly find the tools and functions they’re looking for.

Rather than going through long introductory training, with a lot of basic information, we’ll cut straight to the information you need to start working quickly in Maya. We’ll talk about how Maya deals with geometry and primitive creation.

We’ll cover polygon modeling tools and workflows like extruding, inserting edge loops, and working with deformers. We’ll also cover the use of curves and the creation of geometry from those curves. We’ll finish up by touching on UVs, animation, lighting, rendering. In the end you’ll be able to take your CINEMA 4D knowledge and continue to work in Maya.

Once done, if there are any tools or functions you’d like to know more about, you can go through any of our multiple Maya tutorials to get a deeper look.

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