Digital-Tutors – Your first Day Painting Textures in Mudbox


Intermediate | 2h 25m | 1.55 GB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Mudbox 2014

On your first day working in any new application, getting up and running producing great artwork can be challenging. This course is specifically geared toward Mudbox users who are ready to take their first step into painting textures for their assets.

We will focus not just on teaching you the tools you’ll need to know about but also how you can begin to work efficiently to produce amazing textures. After setting up our scene with some custom materials, we’ll dive right into the basic painting tools while learning how to begin with our darkest colors and work towards our lightest. We’ll focus heavily on using layers and channels as we begin building our diffuse map followed by bump, specular and incandescence. Along the way, we’ll also learn about some features inside of Mudbox as they relate to texturing that you will definitely want to remember like stamps and stencils. To wrap things up, we’ll learn how to quickly get our textures out of Mudbox and over to our primary 3D application.

After finishing this training you will have a solid foundation of knowledge that you’ll be able to apply to your next Mudbox texturing project.

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