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The great landscapes in game design and concept art are precise, fantastic and surreal, they are created by diligent, efficient digital painting techniques in Photoshop. . . and in this class, you’ll learn them! You will learn a step-by-step approach to painting a concept fantasy landscape, covering every part of the process from sketching in Photoshop to the final piece.

You will learn to see space like an artist, conceptualizing the translation from our real world to the two dimensional.

What You’ll Learn

References. Where do you find ideas and inspiration? What should you research? Why is it important to get different kinds of references?
Initial Sketch. You’ll learn how to sketch efficiently in Photoshop, considering composition.
Values. We’ll explore communicating value in space within your digital painting.
Composition Editing. Recreate the final compositions and split volumes into layers. Learn why using solids is important and why we keep edge information.
Color. We’ll add color and discuss basic hues & tones.
Brush Detailing. We’ll start our polishing phase by hand-painting details using Photoshop brushes.
Texturing. You will learn how to apply photo texturing to your workflow and how it can help the detailing phase.
Lighting & Effects. We will add final touches by adding cinematic lighting and some small effects and polishes.

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