Skillshare – Introduction to Adobe After Effects: Getting Started with Motion Graphics


Beginner | 289 MB | Software used: After Effects

First, we’ll cover the essential aspects of the software, including how to navigate the interface, understand the tools and windows of the program, and import footage.

Second, we’ll learn how to create assets such as text, shapes, masks, vector objects, and more to create visual interest and solid design.

Third, we’ll make those assets move. This will include key framing and an introduction to using expressions to automate simple animation properties.

Lastly, we’ll cover exporting your project. It’s important to share your work!

What You’ll Learn

Importing and Laying Out Assets. Bring in footage, trim, crop, and color correct. Lay out shapes and text using guidelines.

Animating Layers. Make your layers move and introduce some basic animations to properties over time.

Editing Text. Explore the fundamentals of text layers and animations.

Adding Embellishments. Blend elements and complete the look of graphics by adding secondary animation and stylistic effects like drop shadows, distortions, and glows.

Exporting. Take your animations out of the program and and explore settings for the next potential steps in your workflow.

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