Skillshare – Introduction to Character Design: Know Your Basics


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I have designed characters of all kinds through my career as an artist- for everything from concept art to blockbuster movie posters. In this class, I will teach you character design from start to finish. You will design your character based upon an image or portrait, and I will teach you tips and best practices for creating this character based upon a likeness.

What You’ll Learn

In this class, you will learn the basics of designing a character from real life. We will touch on the anatomy of the character and the proper way to distort but still convey realism. You will learn how to design attractive lines and shapes and how to use different art medium to create interesting textures and exaggerated volume. We will walk through setting your character in a scene and how to compose your page.

Initial Sketch. You will map out your design, pull from your research and create an initial sketch.
Blocking In Shapes. You will form your character using a pen or pencil, and blocking in shapes to suggest figure and facial structure.
Refining Your Character. You will design lines and forms around the shapes you drew to suggest the attitude of the chracter.
Anatomy. We will examine best practices in proportioning anatomy so that it looks believeable and functional.
Values. You will add darks, lights, and mid values to your character with a pen, pencil or color washes to create dimension.

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