Viscorbel – The Tower


5.5 GB | Project Files: Included | Software used: 3ds Max

Large scale projects like this high-rise building present a set of unique challenges.

– How to model everything efficiently?
– How to fill all the floors with details?
– How to model background buildings quickly?
– How to add people?
– How to add moving traffic?
– How to light rooms randomly?
– How to use render elements to composite a beautiful image?
… and so on

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Viscorbel – The Tower.part1.rar
Viscorbel – The Tower.part2.rar
Viscorbel – The Tower.part3.rar
Viscorbel – The Tower.part4.rar
Viscorbel – The Tower.part5.rar
Viscorbel – The Tower.part6.rar
Viscorbel – The Tower.part7.rar
Viscorbel – The Tower.part8.rar
Viscorbel – The Tower.part9.rar









10 thoughts on “Viscorbel – The Tower

  1. oh, Come on !!!!!
    You can get this Tutorial for about 2,99 EUR !!
    Have some pirate decency and delete this post. Things that low in cost shouldn’t be here!

    And to you guys, do not download, support VISCORBEL !!!! He makes kick ass tutorials for us guys and he is the first to come up with this FAIR payment solution!!!
    He will quit making any new tutorials, but there will be always a lot to learn!!!

    1. Yah, you do make a fair point. I didnt start downloading it, but if its truly that much I will support it, perhaps even pay more.

    2. Yea seriously, it’s SO cheap to buy anyway just get it. €2.99 min cost is sweet FA. I bought every single one from him and they are THE best tutorials for 3ds/Vray. I think it should be deleted too.

  2. He obviously rolled back his new pricing options…. seemly too many ppl downloaded his stuff and just paid the minimum fee ^^ too bad…. guess he wont try that again

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