Digital-Tuotrs – Capturing the Essence of Caricatures


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In this series of lessons we’ll explore how we can observe and exaggerate the facial features of some famous actors to create fun and humorous caricatures of them.

A caricature captures the essence of a person in a over the top way by calling attention to and emphasizing certain physical features. You can find examples of caricatures in all forms of media such as editorial cartoons, entertainment magazines, and animated shows.

In this course we’ll focus on how we can visually portray someone as a caricature in more than just one way by sketching two contrasting caricatures of each actor. For each actor that we reference we’ll discuss and observe certain facial features that stand out to us and how we can emphasize them by a means of exaggeration, simplification, spatial relationships, and visual contrast.

After watching this training, you’ll have the inspiration to create your own caricatures!

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