Digital-Tutors – The Evolving Features of Illustrator



Intermediate | 1h 3m | 250MB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Illustrator CC v17.1

With each and every release of Illustrator, Adobe has traditionally introduced some amazing improvements to the application. Creative Cloud marked a milestone for Adobe since all future updates will simply enhance the Creative Cloud version of Illustrator.

Illustrator CC will be the last version of Illustrator you will ever need. Because of this, the format for this series of lessons may seem a little different from other video content in the Digital-Tutors library.

Instead of working through a single project as you watch each lesson, you will be able to jump in and just watch what you want. If there is a just a couple of features you need to learn how to use, go straight to those lessons and start learning.

Because there will only be Illustrator CC from here on out, you can also expect for new lessons to be periodically added to this tutorial as updates are pushed out through the Creative Cloud.

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