Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick


14.37 GB | Project Files: Included | Software used: 3ds Max,V-Ray

Mastering Vray is an ongoing elite training course for professional CGI artists designed to be the most well thought out and production proven education for Vray to date…
There is nearly 700 people on the course now with artists from ILM, Weta and Sony as well as a huge number of world class studios taking part.
I am a multi-award winning print stills artist with over 11 years of CGI Experience. I have reinvented the workflows of multiple world class retouching/cgi studios and have made sure absolutely everything taught is above current production standards so that when you have completed the course you will have all the technical skills a high end stills artist requires without the mind numbing task of reading the manual 2000 times

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Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick.part01.rar
Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick.part02.rar
Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick.part03.rar
Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick.part04.rar
Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick.part05.rar
Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick.part06.rar
Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick.part07.rar
Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick.part08.rar
Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick.part09.rar
Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick.part10.rar
Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick.part11.rar
Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick.part12.rar
Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick.part13.rar
Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick.part14.rar
Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick.part15.rar


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16 thoughts on “Mastering V-Ray by Grant Warwick

  1. well one of the best releases for vray ever!
    im working with vray for 7 years and now after seeing this i feel i didnt know anything 😉 so 5stars!! *****++

  2. Thanks so much for the amazing upload. 😉

    But something seems odd about the files themselves;
    Downloaded files : 14.3 GB
    After decompression : 12.9 GB
    And after re-compression : 6.92 GB

    How come ?!

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