Skillshare – Digital Illustration: Doodles to Designs


Beginner | 1.24 GB | Software used: Adobe Illustrator

I am an artist and illustrator who makes busy, bold, fun, funny, colorful artworks.

Everything I create starts off as simple drawings made with a pen in my sketchbook. Then, using an array of tools, tips and tricks these doodles become artwork for… well, anything, from t-shirts, posters, stickers, homewares to murals, performance pieces, animations and more.

In this class we will make a fun doodle illustration that can be used as an art print or a screen print (or even a t-shirt design).

The work will come from your doodles! No need to worry about being an expert drawer or artist. The work will retain a charming hand drawn and imaginative quality.

Hopefully you will leave the class feeling inspired and energised to make your work and have a cool art print you can sell on your website.

I am going to share with you some of the processes I use to create my work.

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