Skillshare – Techniques for Lettering with Illustrator


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Spencer Charles, senior designer at New York-based graphic design firm Louise Fili Ltd, will walk you through a series of techniques in Adobe Illustrator to create unique letterforms.

From workspace tips to embellishment techniques, learn to create stunning work using a program you already love.

What You’ll Learn

In this class, you’ll learn a variety of techniques for using Adobe Illustrator for lettering. We’ll walk through tips, tricks, and best practices to help you create your work.

Research. We’ll take a look at some historical examples and examine how common letterforms are made.

Workspace Best Practices. We’ll go through best ways to use grids, layers, and the infamous pen tool.

Script and Uppercase Alphabet Styles. We’ll take a look at how you construct lowercase and uppercase letters, and see how you can achieve certain styles in Illustrator.

Effects and Embellishment. We’ll elevate your work to the next level, creating inline, outlines, drop shadows, and more.

Monograms. We’ll wrap up the class by creating monograms, demonstrating how to weave and interlock letterforms.

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