Unity Bundle 2014 June Part 2

11 Unity Assets


3D Tower Defense Kit

3D Tower Defense Starter Kit delivers you a game-ready tower defense prototype, so you are able
to integrate your own assets/scripts easily.

* Tower Self Control
* Battle Power-ups
* Talent Tree Power-ups
* Advanced Tower Logic
* Simple Enemy Logic
* Multiple Projectile Variations
* Wave Modes & Endless Mode
* Mobile support
Anti-Cheat Toolkit
cInput Pro

+ Source code included!
+ Supports Modifiers!
+ Save/load settings to/from sources other than PlayerPrefs.
+ iOS, Android, Flash and Web compatible!
+ Customize input configuration at runtime.
+ Very easy to setup.
+ Works similarly to the Input class.
+ Optional, customizable, built-in GUI menu.
+ Supports control profiles.
+ Accepts joysticks, steering wheels, etc.

– Define building shape, name, sprite, description, cost.
– Define building occupants (like dragons in dragonvale, or even furniture if you prefer).
– Define custom building actions.
– Move and Sell Buildings.
– Stop the game and come back and progress has continued.
– Use speed ups to build faster.
– Includes a number of fantasy styled icons, frames, and buttons, plus a sample of the assets
from JNA Mobiles – Beautiful Fantasy Building asset.
– Extensible data and manager classes, add your own behaviour with only a small amount of code.
– Works on Mobile (tested on iPad 3, IPhone 4S and IPhone 5).
– Now includes an alternative 3D view.
– Build interconnected paths

There is everything you may need for this:
• Easy menu system
• Player controller and top-down camera systems
• Universal input system
• Easy AI and path-finding systems (2 types)
• Easy pickups and Objects pool systems
• System for doors, chests and traps creation
• Waypoint system
• Simple culling and animation systems
• Short messages system (that can be used for monologues, for instance)

Mega-Fiers 2.6.3
PlayEditor 1.2.4
Skyboxes MegaPack 1

This package includes a total of 20 skyboxes:

-5 day
-5 night
-5 sunset
-5 atmospheric

Format: .png
Resolution: 1024×1024
Tiles of War
Tropical Island

This pack contains:
– 35 Models
– 41 High-res textures
– 1 High-res skybox
– 1 Demo scene

– 18 Plants/Vegatation
– 1 High-res skybox
– 5 Terrain textures
– 2 Houses

AGK: Action Game Kit v1.3
Easy to use action game development kit!

AGK is a complete game project with editing



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