Pixelux DMM Plugin For Maya 2015 v1.1.10 Win64


The DMM Plugin for Maya allows you to do high quality finite-element-based destruction right inside of Maya. Simulate anything from jelly to diamond. Control your physical reality by changing plasticity, toughness, shape preservation and many other physically simulated parameters.

Home Page: _http://www.pixelux.com/DMMplugin.html

Pixelux DMM Maya 2014 v1.1.8 iND

Thanks to “noMAD”



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Mirror :-

Pixelux DMM Maya 2015 v1.1.10 Win64.rar
Pixelux DMM Plugin For Maya 2014 v1.1.8 Win64.rar


Mirror :-











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  1. Did you guys stop using dizzcloud? Is it on the forum somewhere when you guys decide to drop a filehost? I would prefer to know before buying another year. Thanks

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