VFB+ 2.45 For 3ds Max 2011 – 2015 WIN


VFB+ v2.45 (Virtual Frame Buffer) is an advanced frame buffer for Autodesk™ 3ds Max™. It features an intuitive user interface, render history capabilities, a powerful color adjustment engine, a highly customizable frame stamping module and many more features that will help you improve your rendering workflow.
Best of all, it all happens right in the VFB, saving you the cumbersome process of cloning multiple frame buffers just to check out the difference, or opening your render in external image editing software only to test out some color adjustment options.

VFB+ works with any renderer which uses the 3dsmax frame buffer, e.g. Mental Ray, Final Render, V-Ray (when not using the V-Ray VFB).

Supports 3ds Max platforms:-

3ds Max 2011
3ds Max 2012
3ds Max 2013
3ds Max 2014
3ds Max 2015

Home Page: _http://www.monotoneminimal.com/vfb

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Download Links:-




Mirror :-



Mirror :-



Mirror :-

VFB+ 2.45 For 3ds Max 2011 – 2015 WIN.rar








2 thoughts on “VFB+ 2.45 For 3ds Max 2011 – 2015 WIN

  1. Akqr hackers apparently do not work with third-Max
    Did you forget the most important plugins
    Apparently not addressed at all the programs and plug-ins
    Why only in the newly hacker team training

  2. example
    thinking particle for max 2015
    thinkbox = karakatoa frostmx stokemx xmesh
    fume fx
    eyeon fusion
    pftrack 2014
    scratch 8
    Is it a software problem
    We pray because we’re buying for our conversation impossible.
    When I look at you.

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